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Looking for a plumber, getting the windows cleaned or a shed put together, it is always a job in itself to find the right professional to do it! Fixers approached Square1 looking for a better way to connect people and jobs with trusted professionals able to get it done.

Square1 built the Fixers platform from the ground up with the idea to serve both users and professionals. The system works via a website and an app for iOS and one for Android that allow a user to place a job and a professional to send an estimated quotation to the user. A user can then pay for the job via the app via an integration with Stripe. A chat functionality is also implemented to enable real time communication between the user and the professionals. Push notifications and scheduled emails ensure users and professionals don’t miss any opportunity to do business together.

As part of this project we also developed the API and the dashboard for the administrator. We currently host the system and support the customer while he grows and develops further his service further.

Square1 is a multi award winning web and mobile app design/development agency with offices both in the UK, Ireland and Spain. We employ a team of 50 highly skilled designers & developers.

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