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We are the designers, the developers and the project managers behind the most high profile, recognisable and successful websites in the UK and Ireland today.

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Carlos Hernandez
Carlos Hernandez Software Engineer
Luk Berezowski
Luk Berezowski Front-end Developer
Antonio Lorenzo
Antonio Lorenzo Software Engineer
Alba Silvente
Alba Silvente Front-end Developer
Clodagh Sheridan
Clodagh Sheridan Graphic Designer
Rubén Soler Álvarez
Rubén Soler Álvarez Mobile Developer
Artemiy Boronenkov
Artemiy Boronenkov Software Engineer
James Dooms
James Dooms Project Manager
Diego Solorzano
Diego Solorzano COO & Co-Founder
Dav Waldron
Dav Waldron Project Manager
Can Gelis
Can Gelis Software Engineer
Paul Conroy
Paul Conroy CTO & Director
Rober Pastor
Rober Pastor Mobile Team Leader
Ginés Navarro
Ginés Navarro Mobile Developer
Daniel Ortega
Daniel Ortega Software Engineer
Javier Nuñez
Javier Nuñez Team leader
Javier Moral
Javier Moral Fullstack Developer
Adrian Beniel
Adrian Beniel Team leader
Raul Navarro
Raul Navarro Project Manager
Inés Dominguez
Inés Dominguez Software Engineer
Martins Strobinders
Martins Strobinders Graphic Designer
Juan Figueredo
Juan Figueredo Sys Admin
Paco Agulló
Paco Agulló Team leader
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Tara Mason
Tara Mason Head of Commercials
Alexandra Casique
Alexandra Casique Graphic Designer
Germán González
Germán González Software Engineer
José Vicente Orts
José Vicente Orts Software Engineer
Juan José Alfocea
Juan José Alfocea Mobile Developer
Ciaran Maher
Ciaran Maher CEO & Co-Founder
Jeff Ochoa
Jeff Ochoa Software Engineer
Daniel Ferrández
Daniel Ferrández Mobile Developer
Luana Costa
Luana Costa Financial Assistant
Yasmina El Khaldi
Yasmina El Khaldi Project Manager
Dani Mora
Dani Mora Software Engineer
Louise O'Doherty
Louise O'Doherty Graphic Designer
Luciana Caretta
Luciana Caretta Assistant & HR Coordinator