About Square1

We are the designers, the developers and the project managers behind the most high profile, recognisable and successful websites in Ireland today. Square1 is a creative online and mobile software development company.

We have acquired a highly focused and qualified team of the best people in order to deliver the best service and products to our customers. Through our experience and vast knowledge we have been responsible for building and maintaining some of the most recognised and visited websites operating in Ireland.

The core management team is formed by internet professionals with a wealth of experience delivering and managing high-traffic websites, including some of the biggest and most innovative online brands in Ireland.

Square1 was founded by Ciarán Maher and Diego Solorzano in June 2013. Prior to forming Square1, both Ciarán and Diego held senior management roles within the Distilled Media Group (TheJournal.ie, Daft.ie, Adverts.ie, Boards.ie). Ciarán held the position of Group CTO and Diego as Operations Director of Adverts.ie.

Some of our clients include: The Sunday Business Post, Silicon Republic, Maximum Media (Joe.ie/Her.ie/SportsJoe.ie/HerFamily.ie/Joe.co.uk), Appliances Delivered, Ding, TheJournal.ie, Daft.ie, Rory McIlroy, Balls.ie, Digicel.


We are thrilled to share our achievements as an agency along with some of the fantastic achievements from our clients:


  • IIA ‘Best Web Development Agency’ Square1 - Winner
  • Digital Media Awards ‘Best Use Of Video’ Maximum Media - Winner
  • Digiday Awards ‘Best Live Moment’ Maximum Media - Nominated
  • Media Awards ‘Sales Team of The Year’ Journal Media - Winner
  • Financial Times 2nd Fastest Growing Company In Ireland’ Maximum Media - Winner
  • EY ‘Entrepreneur of the Year Award’, Niall McGarry, Maximum Media - Nominated
  • Digital Media Awards ‘Best Collaboration Campaign’ Her.ie, JOE.ie & Maximum Media - Winner
  • Digiday Awards ‘Best Social Video Campaign’ Maximum Media - Bronze
  • Sockies ‘Best Live Video Series’ Sports JOE - Winner


  • Eir Spiders ‘Best in News Publishing and Entertainment’ The Sunday Business Post - Nominated
  • Eir Spiders ‘Best Use of Mobile Technology’ Daft Media - Nominated
  • Digiday Awards ‘Best Use of Social’ Maximum Media - Winner
  • Media Awards ‘Best Research Initiative’ Journal Media - Winner
  • Media Awards ‘Media Brand Of The Year’ The Sunday Business Post - Winner
  • Media Awards ‘Rising Star’ The Sunday Business Post - Silver
  • IIA ‘Best Web Agency’ Square1 - Winner
  • Accenture ‘Digital Media Brand of the Year’ Maximum Media - Winner


  • Web Awards ‘Web Agency of the Year’ Square1 - Nominated
  • Eir Spiders ‘Best Use of Mobile Technology’ Daft Media - Nominated
  • Media Awards ‘Media Brand Of The Year’ The Sunday Business Post - Silver
  • Eir Spiders ‘Best In Listing Classifieds’ Daft Media - Winner
  • Media Awards ‘Best Collaboration Between Agency and Media Owner’ Journal Media - Silver

Our Process


We conduct discovery sessions to identify and understand fully the needs and wants of both our clients and their users. These sessions are beneficial for all parties present by outlining what exactly will be needed from your website, and how we will achieve this.


After the initial discovery session, we conduct a scoping session and create a document that sets out all the goals for the new project. This document will outline, in detail, what will be produced for the project.

Persona Development & User Flows

A key stage in the process is identifying the existing and potential users of the website. These users will be analysed by their demographics and personas created. The users identified will then be created into full user flows. This will map how the user moves and navigates through the website.

UX & UI Design

We create wireframes for each page of the product. These create a prototype for the client to navigate through the website. All functionality is represented and visually shown. The wireframes will then go through a rigorous UX check to ensure the user experience is as fluid as possible. This UX check is continually applied during the development of the system, ensuring that creativity and innovation is sustained during all phases of the project.


Development will be broken down into Sprints, defined and prioritised. Milestones will be defined and delivery dates agreed.

Quality Assurance & Go Live

QA is ongoing through the life of the project with all elements going through a final round of QA once development is complete. Once QA is complete and the project has been signed off, it will be put on the live servers.