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We are the designers, the developers and the project managers behind the most high profile, recognisable and successful websites in the UK and Ireland today.

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Reynald Chekhina
Reynald Chekhina System Administrator - on call
Swapnil Bhavsar
Swapnil Bhavsar Senior Full Stack Developer
Dion Hartnett
Dion Hartnett Technical Support
Gaston gelhorn
Gaston gelhorn Full Stack Developer
Diego Solorzano
Diego Solorzano COO & Co-Founder
Luana Costa
Luana Costa Accounting & Finance Manager
Vinod Naresh Dowlani
Vinod Naresh Dowlani Technical Support
Cagri Aydin
Cagri Aydin Flutter Developer
David Garcia
David Garcia iOS Developer
Pieter Marnest Johannes Dippenaar
Pieter Marnest Johannes Dippenaar Frontend Software Developer
Ansayo Franklin
Ansayo Franklin Senior Full Stack Developer
Maribel Carreres
Maribel Carreres Web Developer
Paul Conroy
Paul Conroy CTO
Juan Millan
Juan Millan Senior Full Stack Developer
Mary Rojas
Mary Rojas Front End Developer
José Vicente Orts
José Vicente Orts Full Stack Developer
Mehedi  Hassan Sunny
Mehedi Hassan Sunny Senior Full Stack Developer
Renier Shields
Renier Shields Net Developer
Carlos Hernandez
Carlos Hernandez Full Stack Developer
Luis Martínez
Luis Martínez Web Developer
Janice O'Leary
Janice O'Leary Full Stack Developer
Dani Mora
Dani Mora Senior Team Lead Developer - Full Stack
Luciana Caretta
Luciana Caretta Operation Manager- HR Manager
Luis Artica
Luis Artica Technical Support
Gerardo Nahín Romero Quintanilla
Gerardo Nahín Romero Quintanilla Technical Support
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Jose Valdés
Jose Valdés Tech Lead - Senior Android/Flutter Developer
Joseph Nkwonta
Joseph Nkwonta Senior Full Stack Developer
Lizelle Marais
Lizelle Marais Graphic Designer
Heidi George
Heidi George Operation Assistant (France)
Daniela Solorzano
Daniela Solorzano Technical Support
Martins Strobinders
Martins Strobinders Graphic Designer
Jeff Emuveyan
Jeff Emuveyan Senior Android Developer
Francisco Pérez
Francisco Pérez Full-Stack Developer
Mahmud Ur Rahman
Mahmud Ur Rahman Developer
Iván Mingot González
Iván Mingot González Full Stack Developer
Mehdi El Hallabi
Mehdi El Hallabi Technical Support
Damilola Jolayemi
Damilola Jolayemi Senior Full Stack Developer
Germán González
Germán González Publisher Plus Division Manager
Onat Çipli
Onat Çipli Flutter Developer
Leonardo Tomás Guardia Saldivar
Leonardo Tomás Guardia Saldivar Technical Support
Jose Alejandro Villegas
Jose Alejandro Villegas Technical Support
Corentin Dragee
Corentin Dragee Technical Support
Ben Fares
Ben Fares English Teacher
Selin Aydin
Selin Aydin Project Manager
Armando Machado Hernández
Armando Machado Hernández Technical Support
Mirkan Çalışkan
Mirkan Çalışkan Flutter Developer
Saïf-Eddin Gharbi
Saïf-Eddin Gharbi Technical Support
Francisco Javier Penalva
Francisco Javier Penalva Project Manager
Ahmed Magdy
Ahmed Magdy Senior Full Stack Developer
Benjamin Isidahomen
Benjamin Isidahomen Senior Full Stack Developer
Samuel Egbe
Samuel Egbe Senior Android Developer
Benjamin Flores
Benjamin Flores Tech Lead - Backend Developer
Antonio Lorenzo
Antonio Lorenzo Full Stack Developer
Mitchelle Jepchirchir Korir
Mitchelle Jepchirchir Korir iOS Developer
Jeff Ochoa
Jeff Ochoa Senior Tech Lead - Backend Developer
Jaime Burbano
Jaime Burbano Web UI Developer
Isaac Kipng'eno
Isaac Kipng'eno Mid Developer
Javier Moral
Javier Moral Senior Full Stack Developer
Abiatar Sicoi
Abiatar Sicoi Technical Support
Emmanuel Ogaba
Emmanuel Ogaba Senior Backend Developer
Sean Joyce
Sean Joyce Project Manager
Juan Figueredo
Juan Figueredo System Administrator - on call
Alejandro Moreno Agrela
Alejandro Moreno Agrela Technical Support
Ciaran Maher
Ciaran Maher CEO & Co-Founder
Mounsif Chiheb
Mounsif Chiheb Partner support Team Role Profile - France
Jose Antonio Candela Pascual
Jose Antonio Candela Pascual Marketing Manager
Emillie Robin
Emillie Robin Junior Project Manager
Angela Roberts
Angela Roberts Services Division Manager
George Dumitrescu
George Dumitrescu Senior Technical Lead
Elisha Nseobong
Elisha Nseobong Senior Full Stack Developer