Pundit Arena


UI/UX, Design, Development, Infrastructure Hosting

Pundit Arena is a sports media platform that provides aspiring journalists and highly articulate fans with an audience to showcase their work. If you are an aspiring writer, forget trying to start a blog, you can create a name and a brand for yourself on Pundit Arena.

Pundit Arena provides access to over 1,400,000 unique readers per month. If you can write, your articles are guaranteed to garner traction and reach a massive audience. At present, Pundit Arena has over 750,000 followers across our various social media channels. Your articles will not only be published on site, they will be promoted and shared with our massive audiences on Facebook and Twitter.

Square1 were commissioned by Pundit Arena to design and develop their Hit List platform. The Hit List platform provides journalists and fans with an audience to showcase their work.

Square1 is a multi award winning web and mobile app design/development agency with offices both in Ireland and Spain. We employ a team of 50 highly skilled designers & developers and have our head office located at The Digital Hub in Dublin.

For more information contact Square1 at [email protected] or call +353 (0)1 685 9029.