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Empowering HotPress’ Digital Transformation with PublisherPlus

HotPress, a renowned music and politics magazine, partnered with PublisherPlus and Square1 to overcome the challenges of transitioning to a digital content provider. With a custom solution, HotPress streamlined their content creation and management processes, enhanced reader engagement, and successfully monetised their content, generating new revenue streams. PublisherPlus played a vital role in empowering HotPress to deliver high-quality content, promote audience interaction, and strengthen brand loyalty in the digital landscape.

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Meet HotPress

HotPress is a leading music and politics magazine based in Ireland. With a rich history of over 40 years, the magazine has established itself as a vital platform for Irish musicians, both new and established. In addition to its coverage of music, HotPress has also become a prominent voice in Irish politics, providing insightful analysis and commentary on key issues affecting the country.

The magazine's digital platform has expanded its reach to a global audience, making it a significant player in the digital music and politics industry. HotPress is committed to providing high-quality content and being at the forefront of music and political discourse in Ireland and beyond. The company has partnered with PublisherPlus,an enterprise digital publishing platform, and Square1, an award-winning digital agency, to streamline their publishing process.

Meet HotPress

The Challenge of Becoming a Digital Content Provider

HotPress have been a key part of the Irish music and politics ecosystem for nearly 50 years, they had U2 as cover stars in 1979, long before Bono was a household name. HotPress was historically positioned in newsstands across Ireland, but with the rise in desire for rich, multimedia content and the need for new monetisation options, Hotpress faced the challenge of transforming their offer to that of ‘digital content providers.’

They needed a content management system that could meet the unique needs of their business while streamlining their content creation and management processes,enabling them to deliver high-quality content to their readers on time and within budget. They also required tools that would help them promote and engage with their audience, increasing reader engagement and brand loyalty. Furthermore, HotPress was looking for ways to monetise their content more effectively and generate new revenue streams for the business.

solution the power of publisherplus for content creation engagementmand monetisation

The Power of PublisherPlus for Content Creation, Engagement and Monetisation

Square1 provided HotPress, with PublisherPlus services. PublisherPlus is a comprehensive content management system that enables publishers to craft, deliver, promote, engage and monetise their content. Our team of experts worked closely with HotPress to create a customised solution that met their specific needs, enhanced their content delivery capabilities and driving their business forward. HotPress utilises our Tollbridge solution to monetise their content, through display ads and a comprehensive targeting solution built upon identification of the best performing ad slots for the publisher’s audience type.

the challenge of becoming a digital content provider

“The app has finally given us what we've been looking for over the last 10 years - a fully integrated multi platform pathway for Hot Press to be read in its original format(s). Our digitised archive goes back almost 20 years at this point, and over the coming months, we will be in a position to start making issues from the 'pre-digital' era available.

Combining it with Tollbridge for our ongoing content on means that we can make the subscriber experience both rich and fulfilling - and monetise content on an ongoing basis.”

Duan Stokes
Publishing Director at Hot Press


The Tollbridge solution assists publishers, such as HotPress, to diversify their revenue using features including, fast integration of systems and social profiles, subscriber management, mailing list integration, whitelist user control and secure online payments through Stripe (of which we are certified consulting partners).

result driving digital success

Along with the benefits of search engine optimisation and advert management, Square1 set out to digitise the HotPress magazine archive using our solution. This solution offers publishers the opportunity to directly upload a compressed PDF to publish on any website or application, schedule publications and manage edits from their own control panel.

solution the power of publisherplus for content creation engagementmand monetisation

Driving Digital Success

PublisherPlus has helped HotPress streamline their content creation and management processes, making it easier for them to deliver high-quality content to their readers. The system also enables HotPress to promote and engage with their audience, increasing reader engagement and brand loyalty. With PublisherPlus, HotPress is able to monetise their content more effectively, generating new revenue streams for the business.

result driving digital success